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  • Congress now eyeing the other Trump Tower once planned for Russia

    Two Congressional aides told NBC News Trump's proposed Moscow development with Aras Agalarov is drawing new scrutiny from House and Senate investigators.

    NBC News
  • Lindsey Graham wants Trump to ‘Build a wall NOW’

    A close ally of President Trump once again called on him to declare a state of emergency and redirect money from other federal programs to build the border wall with Mexico. Trump has publicly toyed with the idea as his impasse with Democrats and resulting government shutdown drags into its third week. “Mr. President, Declare

    New York Post
  • Trump claimed he knew ‘more than the generals.’ Now they want nothing to do with him.

    There has been an exodus of generals from the Trump administration. On Monday, outgoing Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, a retired four-star general, sent a formal farewell message to the Pentagon. His departure comes just days after he announced his resignation, reportedly over Trump’s snap decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. With news over [

  • Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Republicans can't get the wall that Trump wants. Now what?

    x Is The Wall a metonymy or a synecdoche? — xpostfactoid (@xpostfactoid) December 31, 2018 Great question. In metonymy, the thing substituted isn't really a part of what you're talking about (“the suits in the corporate office”, or “I lost money at the track”), you have to mentally substitute an evocative thing, so Ds think metonymy since the wall isn’t part of actual enhanced border security. Republicans, on the other hand, think it's a small part representing the...