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  • Mass Fentanyl Overdose In California Kills 1 Person, Leaves 12 More Hospitalized

    One person is dead and a dozen others hospitalized after a mass fentanyl overdose in Chico, California, over the weekend. The overdose was reported to law enforcement at 9:12 am Saturday morning, CBS/CW+-affiliate KHSL-TV (Action News Now) reported. Chico Fire Department Division Chief Jesse Alexander told Action News Now on Facebook Live that it was the most significant mass casualty incident he had ever seen. Alexander described the horrifying scene with as many as six people undergoing...

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  • Mass drug overdose in California kills 1 person, leaves 12 more hospitalized

    A mass drug overdose at a home in Chico, California, has killed one person and sent more than a dozen people to hospitals, police said. Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien said the main substance involved is believed to be fentanyl -- the most commonly used drug in overdoses, according to a recent government report. The overdose was reported to authorities around at 9:12 a.m. Saturday morning, CNN affiliate KHSL-TV reported. Chico Fire Department Division Chief Jesse Alexander told the station it...

  • One man dead and 12 more hospitalized after 'mass overdose' in California caused by fentanyl

    Authorities arrived at a home on the 1100 block of Santana Court in Chico, California, around 9am on Saturday. One man was pronounced dead while 12 were given CPR and doses of naloxone.

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