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  • Mass shooting at Brazilian bar leaves 11 people dead

    A group of heavily-armed men — riding on a motorcycle and in three cars — went on a shooting rampage at a bar in Brazil, killing at least 11 people on Sunday, according to officials. The “massacre” unfolded in the country’s northern Pará state in the city of Belem, the public safety department said. Authorities

    New York Post
  • GRAPHIC -- Video Surfaces of Mass Shooting in Bar near Cancun

    New video surfaced on social media in Mexico showing in graphic detail the moment when two cartel gunmen walked to a bar near Cancun and shot 12 patrons before fleeing. No arrests have been made in the case to date.

  • Tamera Mowry posts heartbreaking tribute to niece killed in California bar shooting

    “I wish you were here to see my children grow, and for us to see the woman you were to become. I’ll have to accept we have a warrior of an angel watching over us now.”

    Page Six
  • What mass shootings do to those not shot: Social consequences of mass gun violence

    Mass shootings are a tragic new normal in American life. They happen too often, as evidenced by the May 7 shooting in Highlands Ranch, Colo. and the April 30 shooting in Charlotte, N.C., the April 27 shooting at a synagogue in San Diego on the last day of Passover. Schools, places of worship, movie theaters, workplaces, schools, bars and restaurants are no longer secure from gun violence. Families lose loved ones, and lives are ripped

  • Hickenlooper: Mass shootings 'what our culture has been accepting'

    Former Colorado Governor and 2020 candidate John Hickenlooper joins Hallie Jackson to unveil details of his new plan, which includes using licensing courses and background checks to curb mass shootings and gun violence in the United States.
  • Report: 11 killed in bar shooting in Brazil

    Media reports say six women and five men were killed by a gang of gunmen at a bar in Brazil’s northern Para state Sunday, The Associated Press said. State officials told the wire service that it was “a massacre,” but gave no further details. According to the G1 news website, police said that seven gunmen were involved and they arrived at the bar on a motorcycle and in three cars, the AP said. One person was also wounded. The federal government sent National Guard troops to the city to reinforce...

  • Broncos to host graduation for school in mass shooting

    DENVER (AP) - The Denver Broncos will host graduation ceremonies at its Colorado training center for students from a school where one student was killed and eight others injured during a recent shooting. Administrators from STEM School Highlands Ranch had reached out to the football team about the possibility of

    The Washington Times