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  • President Donald Trump's State of the Union Options

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has given President Donald Trump an opportunity to change the dynamic of the State of the Union address, an event that

    The Daily Signal
  • President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

    A boast, a warning, an analysis, a clarification, an insult, a shout-out – it’s been a busy morning already for President Donald Trump on Twitter, as the Commander-in-Tweet continues to battle for his agenda with his permanent, ephemeral and hidden foes. Coming off his address on the border issues, the President came out swinging against Nancy Pelosi in particular, calling her a “Radical Democrat” whose behavior is irrational, warning her to “be careful.” On a lighter

  • President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

    It’s been a busy day for President Donald Trump – a major national speech on the southern border, including a warning that Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the latest caravan heading toward the US. Of course, the Commander-in-Tweet couldn’t resist a dig at Buzzfeed’s “disgraceful” and erroneous story, or the mainstream media’s mistreatment of the presidency. So far, there’s been no comment on Twitter from him on the automatic rejection of his border proposals by Democrats