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  • Trump’s plan: Some wins for him, some wins for Ds, some middle ground

    President Trump's new immigration proposal Saturday marked a retreat on three different areas of policy, in what the White House said was a "good-faith" effort to try to break the gridlock that for more than a decade has thwarted every effort to strike a compromise on the thorny issue. In

    The Washington Times
  • New polling shows America blames Trump for the shutdown—and possible cracks in Trump's base

    There are a pair of new post-shutdown polls out that show that no matter what Trump's most fervent supporters might think, the wider public isn't buying Trump's shutdown spin. Concerning the allocation of blame [for the shutdown], 53 percent say Trump and the Republicans are mainly at fault, and 29 percent blame the Democrats in Congress. That's a new Washington Post/ABC poll that shows, first, that the public rightly blames Trump and Republicans for the shutdown that began under (say it...
  • Trump may be winning the trade battle with China. But China may end up winning the war

    China's economy has taken a beating in recent weeks as the trade war bites. And it may get worse. "So far, the trade war has had a much bigger impact on Chinese growth than US growth," Bank of America Merrill Lynch says. But Beijing has been throwing all available stimulus options at its economy, and it's just getting started. US corporates are feeling the pinch. And longer-term, the US is losing its economic dominance. Donald Trump may be winning the trade battle with China. But China could...

    Business Insider