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  • Trump-triggered: Dems, including Schumer, Obama, Clinton, voted for border fence — but Trump's wall is 'immoral'

    President Donald Trump will deliver his first Oval Office address Tuesday night to discuss funding for his long-promised U.S.-Mexico border wall and the ongoing partial government shutdown, which is now in its 18th day. The president is also expected to address the possibility of declaring a national emergency, which would authorize funding for the border wall without approval from Congress. But why are congressional Democrats so vehemently opposed to a border wall, even going so far as to call...

  • Trump greeted by massive wall of protesters as he tries to speak

    Protesters gathered in New Orleans outside the New Orleans Convention Center to chant “lock him up” as President Donald Trump was speaking inside. Trump was inside speaking to the Farm Bureau and to farmers, who are some of the most affected by the impact of Trump’s trade wars and his government shutdown. The protesters could be heard chanting “lock him up,” as news broke in recent days that the FBI has been investigating Trump as a possible knowing Russian agent during the early months of his...

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  • Trump cites massive winter storm to mock global warming

    President Trump in an early morning tweet on Sunday suggested global warming could be helpful as a massive snowstorm dropped several inches of snow and sent temperatures plunging across the Midwest and swaths of the Northeast United States.

  • This Video Proves The Border is In Massive Crisis And Trump Must Act

    Spread this link to show liberals what's really going on at the southern border.
  • Trump says massive visa overhaul could lead to US citizenship

    President Trump said Friday that he is planning an overhaul to H-1B visas — which allow foreigners to work in the US temporarily in specialty occupations — that could lead to American citizenship. “H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to

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  • Triggered Trump melts down on Twitter after CNN and MSNBC call out his lies

    CNN’s chyron in a segment Monday morning was blunt. It read: “White House resorts to lies to make case for border wall.” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” mocked President Trump at length for lying about (or not knowing about) key details of his “signature issue,” the border wall – among other topics. WATCH: @Morning_Joe fact checks President Trump’s rhetoric as shutdown enters third [email protected]: “It is based on a caravan of lies.” — MSNBC (@MSNBC) January

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  • Here is how Buzzfeed's story may have triggered Trump to commit another impeachable offense

    Donald Trump’s reaction to BuzzFeed News’ explosive report on the president suborning perjury may have been more legally perilous than the initial story, investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald explained Saturday. On Thursday, BuzzFeed published a bombshell story that Trump had directed his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. Special counsel Robert Mueller subsequently issued a cryptic statement disputing the report, while BuzzFeed is standing by their reporting. But Trump’s...

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