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  • This ‘Black Israelite’ from Brooklyn sparked the Covington controversy

    A fringe religious zealot from Brooklyn admitted to The Post on Tuesday that he touched off the controversial face-off outside the Lincoln Memorial by viciously berating a group of Catholic high-school students from Kentucky. “The word of God — it sparked it all,” said the man, who identified himself as “Chief Ephraim Israel” of the

    New York Post
  • Homework assignment on Pres. Trump sparks controversy

    The school principal is now apologizing, saying "we missed the mark."

  • Why don’t Samsung and LG make streaming boxes?

    Not long ago, I thought of smart TV software—especially from the likes of Samsung and LG—as something to ignore. Dedicated streaming devices such as Roku’s Streaming Stick and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick offered slicker interfaces and better app selections, which made me wonder why TV makers even bothered making subpar software. A funny thing’s happened in recent years, though: Smart TV software from LG and Samsung has actually gotten pretty good. Now, I’m wondering why those companies don’t take a...

  • Man sparks controversy for telling his PREGNANT wife she can't be 'lazy'

    A man posted on Reddit about the changes he's noticed from his pregnant wife. Both are physicians but the woman works less hours than her husband.

    Mail Online
  • Controversy after female Overwatch Contenders player is revealed to be a man

    Was it sexism, or a social experiment?  That's the question buzzing around the gaming world this week, after a gender-bending experiment caused big problems for a major studio.

    Fox News
  • Blizzard confirms second canonically queer 'Overwatch' character

    In a newly released short story, Blizzard confirmed yet another major Overwatch is canonically LGBTQ. And we are ready for him to get a fabulous rainbow skin in the next update. Though Ana is the protagonist of "Bastet," it was the macho military man Soldier 76 (aka Jack Morrison) who got a bombshell backstory reveal while discussing his past relationship with a "dark-haired man" named Vincent. SEE ALSO: Fortnite and Stormy Daniels dominated Pornhub in 2018 Ana asks Jack about him, and the...

  • Controversial #MeToo-inspired Gillette advert sparks complaints to ASA

    The new Gillette advert subverts the razor brand's famous 'The Best A Man Can Get' slogan by challenging traditional views of what it means to be a successful man.

    Mail Online