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  • Of Course The New Star Wars Movies Won't Premiere On Disney+

    Don’t expect Star Wars: Episode X (aka A New Return of the Oh, of Course, We’re Doing More of These After IX Strikes Back) to drop on Disney’s massive upcoming subscription service before it heads to theatres. Why would you? More
  • Kano to launch Star Wars programming kit later this year

    Disney: if it can get stick a logo on something and then train an army of Chinese teenagers to manufacture it en-masse, it’ll do so. This has been to the dismay of Star Wars fans, who have seen their once-beloved franchise diluted with a plethora of plastic tat which, no doubt, will eventually find its way into the marine food system. Goddammit, I’m cynical. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, because there is some genuinely good Star Wars merchandise out there. One bright spot came today, as Kano announced...

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  • IMDB Launches New Free Movie and TV Streaming Service

    Finally, a place to stream movies and TV on the internet.