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  • Guinness World Records apologizes for ‘outdated’ rule and gives marathon record to nurse

    LONDON — Guinness World Records has backtracked on its decision to deny a nurse who ran the London Marathon in scrubs a place in the record book. Jessica Anderson, a nurse at the Royal London Hospital, had been told her attempt didn’t count — because she was wearing scrubs and pants, rather than a skirt. However Guinness World Records backed down Tuesday, admitting that its guidelines were “outdated, incorrect and reflected a stereotype we do not in any way wish [

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  • Guinness World Records backtracks on denying nurse her title

    Jessica Anderson, a British nurse who ran the London Marathon in scrubs and pants, will finally get her place in the record books. Guinness World Records scrubbed its initial decision to deny her the title for fastest marathon wearing a nurse's uniform because "outdated" guidelines required a skirt.

  • Guinness recognizes scrubs-wearing nurse as world record holder

    Guinness World Records has decided to recognize Jessica Anderson as the world record holder for fastest marathon by a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform after initially ruling she didn’t qualify because she wore scrubs instead of a dress. "I want to take this opportunity to reassure everybody concerned
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