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  • Kareem Hunt to Browns: How he fits, status with NFL and more

    The Browns are giving running back Kareem Hunt a second chance. Here's what needs to happen for him to play again and what that means for Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson.
  • Of course Kareem Hunt already has a second chance in the NFL

    If a player is talented enough, NFL teams are more than willing to ignore off-the-field incidents Somebody was going to pick up Kareem Hunt eventually. There was only so long a 23-year-old running back who led the league in rushing as recently as 2017 was going to remain without a team. Perhaps this was the most damning aspect of the Cleveland Browns making the move to sign a player caught kicking and pushing a woman on video: that there wasn’t much surprise involved. On Monday, the Browns...

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  • Kareem Hunt Could Have Earned His Way Back Into the NFL—But Not This Quickly

    Why was Browns GM John Dorsey so vague in Monday’s press conference announcing the Hunt signing? Because it’s unlikely 10 weeks was enough for Hunt to properly address his issues.
  • Kareem Hunt gets another NFL chance with Browns

    One of the more lovable teams in football is taking on one of the more loathsome players in football. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt, the running back who was cut by the Chiefs after video surfaced of him attacking a woman. Hunt was starring in his second season in the league, chalking up 14

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