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  • Apple Just Shut Down Google's Internal iOS Apps

    Apple has revoked Google's developer certificate, which disables internal apps used by the company's employees. View Entire Post ›

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  • Everything you need to know about Facebook, Google’s app scandal

    Facebook and Google landed in hot water with Apple this week after two investigations by TechCrunch revealed the misuse of internal-only certificates — leading to their revocation, which led to a day of downtime at the two tech giants. Confused about what happened? Here’s everything you need to know. How did all this start, and [

  • Apple has now broken all of Google’s internal iOS apps

    Google is joining Facebook in iOS hell. Apple has now revoked Google’s Enterprise Certificate, breaking all of the search engine’s internal apps, according to The Verge. A source familiar with the situation informed the news outlet that pre-release beta versions of Google’s iOS apps have stopped working as of Thursday. These apps include new builds of Gmail, Google Maps, and Hangouts. Apps meant for internal company use, such as the search engine’s cafe app and Gbus transportation app have also...