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  • Trump plots Independence Day parade

    President Trump said Tuesday he's thinking about putting on a Fourth of July parade or other gathering in Washington, D.C., suggesting it could "become a tradition," even though a similar event already exists.Trump

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  • Ivanhoe Pictures, Sharp Independent Pictures To Produce Film About Successful Female Baccarat Player

    Ivanhoe Pictures, a division of SK Global and the production company behind Crazy Rich Asians, has teamed with Jeffrey Sharp of Sharp Independent Pictures to produce The Baccarat Queen (working title), a film about Cheung Yin "Kelly" Sun, the skilled Baccarat player who is considered the most successful female gambler in modern history. Based on Michael Kaplan’s Cigar Aficionado article, The Baccarat Machine (which is also Sun’s nickname), the predominately

  • Why No Congress Day, Judiciary Day, or Separation of Powers Day?

    Back in 2015, I wrote a critique of Presidents Day. It is, if anything, even more timely, and relevant today. We should not honor all presidents indiscriminately, since there are many who don't deserve it. And we should not make the "cult of the presidency" even worse than it already is. Better to honor the separation of powers more generally: Presidents Day may be a good time to ask why we have a national holiday to celebrate the executive branch of government, but don't have a Congress Day or...