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  • The F-35's Real Enemy: Introducing the Air Force's New Boeing F-15X

    Sebastien Roblin Security, Is the JSF in trouble?  While Eagles wouldn’t be ideal for penetrating strikes in a high-intensity conflict, they could instead lug large numbers of long-range missiles outside of defended-airspace bubbles and team up with stealth fighters, which are constrained to just six to eight missiles carried internally. The stealth aircraft could creep forward, generate targeting data and pass it back via datalink to F-15 “missile trucks” to prosecute the strike—allowing...

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  • New Mexico might require diaper table’s in all new restrooms

    A new proposal would require all new public restrooms in New Mexico to have baby changing tables. A bill sponsored by Democratic state Rep. Andres Romero of Albuquerque is scheduled

  • Max Landis Is Back With New Scripts... And A New Accusation Of Sexual Misconduct

    How long does it take for a man in Hollywood to recover professionally from online accusations of sexual misconduct? Well, if you're screenwriter Max Landis, the answer is apparently about a year. As you may recall, in late 2017 Landis

  • New Mexico weighs requirement for no-cost contraceptives

    The New Mexico House of Representatives is debating a proposal to ensure access to contraceptives at no personal cost under most types of medical insurance. Deliberations began Monday on a