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  • Do the Lakers even want LeBron James?

    They sure haven’t acted like it since their awful 2018-19 season ended. What an incredible start of the summer for the Los Angeles Lakers, after an incredible season. How do you top a 37-45 record after landing LeBron James the summer before? Well, you have your president of basketball operations tell the media he’s quitting before he’s told anyone else in the organization, all right before the team’s final game of the season. What next? Fire the coach that outgoing president wanted to fire,...
  • LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion could hinge on this Lakers scenario

    “If you guys will have me back.” That was the preseason caveat Kyrie Irving left with raucous Celtics fans of his plans to re-sign the following summer. Eight months of misery later, they may not. But could LeBron James be open to a reunion? Irving has had “discussions with people about playing for the Lakers,”

    New York Post
  • If LeBron James wants better communication, he should start with Lakers fans

    During the most recent episode of LeBron James’ HBO show “The Shop,” Lonzo Ball smiled as he talked about being teammates with James this season. “Honestly, I didn’t get really comfortable with you until after All-Star [break],” Ball said. “I was kind of like, ‘I don’t know how to be around him.’
  • LeBron James In Offseason Training Mode, Even At Son's Game

    More proof LeBron James is a lifetime member of the #GetBetterGang (shout-out Stephen Jackson) 'cause here's video of the King getting a little shooting practice in at his son's hoops game. Bronny had a run this weekend at the Elite Youth