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  • Tactically Naive: What Europe’s year of repeat league champions means for elite men’s soccer

    For Europe’s repeat champions, being the best at home may no longer be enough. Hello, and welcome to another edition of Tactically Naive, SB Nation’s weekly soccer column. This week we’re walking along at just the right angle so a giant pair of pigeon wings appear behind our shoulders. Inherited titles Meet the new champions! Same as the old champions! For the first time in history, the champions of European men’s football’s five Big Leagues have all retained their titles. Barcelona, Juventus,...
  • Champions League no longer contest of champions but battle between leagues

    While the old format never produced a same-nation final, this will be the seventh since 2000, as England steps into the void left by Spain. But there is no point weeping over lost romance Richard Scudamore retired too soon! No sooner had the Premier League’s executive chairman picked up his parachute payment and left the building than his most famous daft idea became reality. The 39th game, the extra helping of Premier League razzle dazzle featuring two top-flight sides facing off in some...

    the Guardian
  • Marseille’s “Champions Project” in tatters

    PARIS (AP) - Ridiculous Project. Arrogant Project. Fiasco Project. Deficient Project. Defeat Project. These were some of the slogans displayed by Marseille fans last weekend at Stade Velodrome, mocking the "Champions Project" plan of American owner Frank McCourt, who aimed to return the club back to the summit of French

    The Washington Times