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  • Afghan police raid school Turkey says is linked Erdogan foe

    Afghan police arrested dozens of people in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif including six Turkish teachers in a raid on a school Turkey suspects has links with President Tayyip Erdogan's arch enemy, officials and teachers said.

  • Vale CFO says miner's top managers were unaware of dam risk report

    Senior management at Brazilian miner Vale were never shown internal security documents indicating that its dam at Brumadinho was at risk of collapse, the company's chief financial officer said on Tuesday.

  • Houston Narcs Were 'Clearly Labeled' During Deadly Drug Raid, Police Spokesman Says

    A Houston Police Department spokesman said the narcotics officers who broke into a middle-aged couple's house last week and killed them in the ensuing shootout were wearing "tactical gear clearly labeled 'police'" on the front as well as the back. That detail is important because it helps illuminate the question of whether Dennis Tuttle, who fired at an officer who had just broken into his house and killed his dog with a shotgun, knew the intruder was a police officer. Last week Houston Police...