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  • Nicole Nafziger Teases Her Own Show: I'll PROVE Azan Really Loves Me!

    Now that Nicole's family finally accepts Azan and their engagement, she has big plans for the future. But some 90 Day Fiance fans are less accepting, and continue to accuse Nicole of being a fool who's being led on. Others peddle conspiracy theories about why Azan hasn't been able to meet up with her in the US or even another country, like South Korea. Now, Nicole is going out of her way to set things straight. And she's also revealing how fans can follow her and Azan as their story...
  • As the Government tries to shrink portion sizes we prove who really is the Lord of the Fries

    Chips served by ten high street restaurants including McDonald's, Burger King and Nando's have been investigated by the Daily Mail to find out which serves the most fries.

    Mail Online
  • Yair Netanyahu: Gaza Proves ‘Land for Peace’ Really Means ‘Land for War’

    JERUSALEM -- Imagine the southern half of the United States being bombarded by missiles for days at a time. Conceptualize the populations of Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas running into bomb shelters as rocket sirens blare. This is the reality here in Israel as I write these words.