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  • Gov. Newsom moves to ease homelessness

    Gov. Gavin Newsom is creating a new commission on homelessness and housing to address one of California's most difficult problems.

  • Is the era of artificial speech translation upon us?

    Once the stuff of science fiction, technology that enables people to talk using different languages is now here. But how effective is it? Noise, Alex Waibel tells me, is one of the major challenges that artificial speech translation has to meet. A device may be able to recognise speech in a laboratory, or a meeting room, but will struggle to cope with the kind of background noise I can hear surrounding Professor Waibel as he speaks to me from Kyoto station. I’m struggling to follow him in...

    the Guardian
  • The Latest: US announces sanctions against Maduro officials

    The Trump administration has sanctioned Venezuela's oil chief and key intelligence officials under President Nicolas Maduro, tightening pressure on the embattled leader

    ABC News