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  • Every Pixar movie, ranked from worst to best

    Raise your hand if you're team "Toy Story!" 🙋

  • All 21 Pixar movies, ranked from worst to best

    Pixar Animation movies have earned over $13 billion worldwide, but they aren't just enjoyable global moneymakers, they are also stories that affect us on an emotional level we can't wait to experience again and again. From the mixture of family strife and superhero duties in the "Incredibles" movies to a commentary on how we need to protect our planet in the multilayered "WALL-E," Pixar movies are much more than stories for kids.  With Pixar's latest, "Toy Story 4," hitting theaters this...

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  • All the X-Men Movies Ranked, from Worst to Best

    Ranking the X-Men movies is a bit of an up-and-down journey for a superhero fan. Fox's first foray represents, along with Blade/Blade II and Raimi's Spider-Man a clear "It BEGINS!" moment in successful comic-book-to-movie alchemy.
  • Illumination Entertainment Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

    Something interesting happens when you sit down to watch all of Illumination Entertainment's feature films; you start to notice peculiar trends appearing. Some of these trends are good, like the studio's polished and consistent animation, the insane amounts of creativity on display, and the sense that these movies exist in modern version of a classic, slapstick cartoon world. However, some of the trends are not so great, like an over-reliance on gibberish and potty humor, the desire to force...

  • The Bold and the Beautiful's 10 Best Characters of All Time, Ranked

    Fashion trends come and go, but intriguing characters are always in style. Take, for instance, the 10 that we’ve singled out from The Bold and the Beautiful’s 32 years of dapper designers and manipulative models, amorous CEOs and ambitious PYTs. These are not the bellbottoms of characters, the sort that make you look back and [

  • Every James Bond movie ranked from worst to best

    24/7 Tempo has ranked all 26 James Bond feature films from worst to best using online audience and critic ratings.
  • General Hospital's 10 Best Characters of All Time — Ranked

    Daytime’s longest-running current drama (and second-longest ever), General Hospital has goosed its vitals time and time again over its 56 years on ABC with transfusions of fresh blood. By now, the soap has probably seen more characters come and go (and often come back again!) than its nurses have given injections. But which of them [