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  • Trump tried to pull the United States out of NATO

    In 2018, after constantly criticizing U.S. allies and strongly hinting that, if real conflict came to Europe, no one should expect America to meet its treaty obligations, Trump tried to take the next step—simply destroying NATO. The New York Times is reporting that Trump told his White House team that he wanted to “withdraw the United States from NATO,” a move that would end a 70-year-old alliance that, pre-Trump, seemed to be healthy and expanding. Under the guise of anger over the size of...
  • How illegal drugs actually get into the United States

    Bloodthirsty smugglers are using Lamborghini/tank hybrids to ferry drugs and misery into the United States. The brave men and women of U.S. law enforcement are totally outgunned. Only a wall will stop the smugglers and the destruction they bring. This was the vision President Trump presented last week when he attempted to argue, yet again, [

  • Monster snowstorm to blanket more than half of United States

    A massive winter storm hit the U.S. Rockies and Plains on Friday then punched east, with snow set to assault a 1,800-mile (1,609 km) corridor through the weekend, creating transportation “havoc” in the middle of the country. The system started as rain from Mexico and turned to snow as it met icy air. Up to 18 inches (45 cm) of snow were expected in the Sangre de Cristo mountains south of Denver, according to the

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