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  • How confident (or not) NFL fans were about their teams in the 2018 season

    Where does your team fall? All season long at SB Nation’s 32 NFL team sites we’ve been tracking how confident each fanbase is in their team. FanPulse is a weekly survey sent out to fans at each of our team sites that asks the question: How confident are you in the direction of your team? Our full season results are below in the form of awards for what we learned about each team. The You Can Pinpoint The Moment Their Heart Rips In Half Award The Jaguars were supposed to be very good this season....
  • Midseason Report Card Grades for Every NBA Team

    ReLaTiVe To ExPeCtAtIoNs. Sorry, but we needed to get that out of the way before getting knee-deep in the officially official midseason report cards for every NBA team. Select fans always get caught up in comparing these tallies

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  • NBA shoes: Coolest kicks of the 2018-19 season

    NBA players show off their flair with an array of wild shoes.

  • Imagining Every NBA Team's Trade Deadline Whiteboard

    Maybe the time has come to let the NBA whiteboard gag fade into basketball lore. Then-Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan gave us punchlines aplenty in April 2017, but it's now 2019

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  • Ranking Every FBS Conference After the 2018-19 Season

    College football is on the shelf until next September. After Clemson pummeled Alabama in the national championship game, it became obvious the Tigers were the best nation's team. But when it comes to leagues, supporting casts matter

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  • The 2018-19 College Football All-Bowl Season Team

    The college football season came to its conclusion Monday night as Clemson was crowned national champion for the second time in three years. The 2018-19 bowl season contained much more than Clemson's dominance against Notre Dame and Alabama, though

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  • Grading Every NFL Team's 2018 Draft Haul

    Some 16 games or so later, we are one small step closer to understanding the ramifications of the 2018 NFL draft. "Small," because it takes years to see the full impact of each class

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