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  • China wants to launch to Mars next year — part of an ambitious plan to bring the first Martian soil samples back to Earth

    China recently landed the first spacecraft on the far side of the moon and plans to launch a lunar sample-return mission at the end of the year. The China National Space Administration is also working on a robotic Mars mission that is scheduled to launch in mid-2020 and arrive in early 2021. If successful, that mission could enable future Mars missions to bring pristine samples of the red planet's soil and rocks back to Earth by 2030. China just landed a robotic mission on the far side of the...

    Business Insider
  • Netflix Plans Latest Price Hike, Standard Plan Increasing From $11 to $13/Month

    Netflix today announced that it will raise the prices for all of its subscription tiers, the latest price hike since November 2017. Specifically, the cheap "Basic" tier will rise from $8 to $9/month, the popular HD "Standard" tier will rise from $11 to $13/month, and the 4K "Premium" tier will rise from $14 to $16/month. According to CNBC, the changes take effect immediately for new customers signing up for Netflix, while current subscribers will be grandfathered in to their existing prices...

  • Ukraine Wants to Be a Part of the West

    Nikolas K. Gvosdev Security, Europe But it's strategy is yielding mixed results. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has staked his country’s future and his own chances at re-election to a second term on three gambles. He hopes that these gambles will permanently rupture Ukraine’s connections to Russia and ensure that Ukraine becomes a full member of the Western community of nations. So far, however, the scorecard is showing mixed results. After the Euro-Maidan revolution overthrew...

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  • Netflix Is Raising Prices on All Streaming Plans

    As the company continues to invest billions of dollars in new and original content, Netflix is raising its subscription prices again in the United States. Over the next few months, existing members will see the $8 plan go to $9 per month, the standard $11 plan bump up to $13, and the $14 subscription increased to [

  • Netflix Raises Prices on All of Its Subscription Plans

    Netflix is raising prices on all of its subscription plans, with the streaming service’s most popular plan increasing to $13 a month from $11, and the base plan rising to $9 a month from $8.

  • Tax lid: What I really wanted for Christmas

    Last summer in Steilacoom my wife and I had a chance to discuss the financially draining effect of escalating property taxes with seven other retirees, all who reside at Jubilee,

  • Netflix is king of Hollywood and Wall Street

    Take that, big film studios. Shares of Netflix (NFLX) surged 6% Monday, a day after the company took home five Golden Globe awards for movies and television. The stock is now up 18% this year, easily making it the best performer of the FAANG tech companies. Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN) and Alphabet (GOOGL) are all up single digits this year. Apple (AAPL) is down nearly 7%. Netflix has been on a hot streak as investors salivate about the prospects for more big gains in subscribers, revenues and...