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  • The Best Horror TV Shows of 2018

    In every medium, across every platform, horror thrived in 2018. On the heels of a record-breaking, Oscar-winning year for the genre in 2017, horror hung on just as strong this year, with a huge presence at the box office, in print -- miracle of miracles, Fangoria is back! -- and arguably better than ever on TV. Goodness knows there's no shortage of great TV out there these days. In this our age of Peak TV, somehow quality has endured and there's suddenly more good television out there than any...

  • The 10 Best (and 4 Worst) TV Shows Of 2018

    It’s part of our job to watch TV here at io9, and it was a damn good year for the airwaves—you wouldn’t believe how spirited the debate was as we narrowed down our list of best shows, emerging with a 10 best (most of which won’t surprise you, since we’ve been singing their praises all year). More
  • Sean T. Collins’s Eight Best TV Shows of 2018

    2018 was a Terror, but that’s okay.

  • Daredevil: Season 3 Wins Best Reviewed Superhero TV show of 2018

    The year's best-reviewed superhero TV.

  • The Best of My Media Diet for 2018

    Just like last year, I kept track of almost everything I read, watched, listened to, and experienced in my media diet posts. In this post, I’m gonna share some of the very best of that content, stuff that stuck with me in one way or another. I marked my absolute favorites with a (*). (Above, my #bestnine Instagram images of 2018.) Books. I made an effort to read more books this year, particularly those written by women. Hope to continue both of those trends in 2019. After years of reading the...
  • Sports: Best photos of 2018

    The best photos from an incredible sports year.

  • Most pirated TV shows of 2018

    Topping the list of most torrented 2018 series is The Walking Dead, which has been downloaded “millions of times.”