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  • The Battleship Comeback: How the U.S. Navy Could Bring Back the 'Big Guns'

    Kyle Mizokami Security, Could this actually happen? The BBGs would not be totally defenseless: the upgrade of the early 1980s saw four Phalanx CIWS guns installed. In their place we could install newer SeaRAM point defense missile launchers, or even defensive laser weapons in the hundred-kilowatt range, fed power from the nuclear reactors. Battleships captivate the imagination. Before they were displaced by aircraft carriers, battleships were symbols of great-power status. Some of the most...

    The National Interest
  • I lead Poland’s united opposition. We will bring the country back to Europe

    We can defeat the ruling rightwing populist party – then help Emmanuel Macron to reform the EU French president Emmanuel Macron’s recent call to reform the European Union is a sign of hope for the entire continent. Even if we have our differences, we are in agreement when it comes to the fundamental questions. Macron is right about what Europe must do to continue flourishing. We must revitalise the EU by making it more democratic, cohesive, and just. And we must strengthen Europe against enemies...

    the Guardian
  • Bryan McClendon on what South Carolina’s new running back coach brings to the table

    South Carolina football offensive coordinator Bryan McClendon discusses the impact of the Gamecocks' new running backs coach, Thomas Brown, and what Brown has been able to do with USC's tailbacks through the first part of spring practice.

  • China’s foreign minister says he backs Huawei’s lawsuit against the U.S. government

    Huawei has sued the U.S. government, saying a law limiting its U.S. business was unconstitutional.

    Global News