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  • 2018-19 NBA Rookies Already in Need of a Trade

    Almost every draft pick looks good on the night they're selected. Optimism flows, fanbases get fired up, and every prospect promises they can't wait to get to (city x) and get to work

    Bleacher Report
  • NBA Draft 2019: Tracking trades on draft day

    No huge deals involving stars, but lots of picks on the move Thursday. With the 2019 NBA Draft finally here, teams have their last chance to pull the trigger on deals involving picks before they happen. It always creates some excitement throughout the proceedings, whether it’s a team moving up to take a top prospect or a veteran star finally sent packing. Two of the biggest trades for this offseason already happened recently. The Anthony Davis saga in New Orleans finally reached its natural...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Seth Meyers takes Rihanna day drinking, day singing, day [unintelligible]

    Booze and late night go together like tequila and hollow chocolate bunnies. Or at least that’s been the experience of Seth Meyers in his reliably amusing series of tandem day drinking Late Night bits. Whether it’s with The Barefoot Contessa, Kelly Clarkson, Retta, or members of his family, Meyers relies on the boozy good sportsmanship of some hopefully entertaining drunks to provide the necessary laughs. Well, on Thursday’s show, Meyers apparently knew he had to up his game with his latest...

  • Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: D-Day isn't for Donald, but it's Trump day every day

    Dana Milbank reminds you that it’s just one month until the national celebration of Trump. Washington Post For President Trump, every day is Presidents’ Day. As Trump prepares to turn Independence Day into a political rally, the question is not why he has decided to crash the nation’s birthday party on the Mall, but why he didn’t do it sooner. One by one, he has tried to remake our holidays to his benefit. He issued a federal order declaring his Inauguration Day a “National Day of Patriotic...

    Daily Kos
  • NBA: List of NBA champions

    List of National Basketball Association champions (best-of-seven series:

  • Ranking the 2019 NBA draft day hats — you know what? Never mind

    With the 2019 NBA draft only a week away, New Era has unveiled the hats that will perch on top of each pick’s head after his name is announced by commissioner Adam Silver at the Barclays Center in New York. Unlike NFL teams, which tend to go absolutely nuts with the design of their draft-day caps,
  • Disney Mouseketeer Dennis Day Confirmed Dead Following 2018 Disappearance

    One of the original Disney mouseketeers, Dennis Day, has been confirmed dead nearly one year after his shocking disappearance, has learned. On Thursday, June 6, the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office officially confirmed it was Day’s body that had been located in April. Day was a member of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club for two Read More The post Disney Mouseketeer Dennis Day Confirmed Dead Following 2018 Disappearance appeared first on RadarOnline.