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  • Christmas reflections

    Spending a wonderful relaxed Christmas in Manila leaves ample time for reflection and reading.
  • The Ghost Of Christmas Future

    Submitted by Chris Martenson of Here in the brief period between Christmas and New year’s, as a writer I am obligated to say happy, wishful things. I have to confess, I’m just not feeling it this year, so I’ll just do the minimum here and return to being a curmudgeon, because that’s what the times call for. So, happy new year. I hope everything works out well for you in 2019. There, with that behind us we can now return our attention to the true state of the world, which is...

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  • The “war on Christmas” is far from over

    In one of his many recent tweet storms, President Trump boasted that he had once and for all won the war on Christmas: “I am proud to have led the