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  • Brexit is not an end to Britain’s liaison with Europe. It’s just a new beginning

    History has shown us repeatedly how the lunar pull of Europe is irresistible – and will be until the end of time They are sick of the whole thing. They just want it to be over. No more uncertainty. Brexiteers want resolution. They will be disappointed. Willing something does not make it so. Aethelred wanted Viking raids to stop. The kingdoms of Wales, Scotland and Ireland wished the Norman and Plantagenet monarchs of England would cease their predatory lunges into their territory. Neville...

    the Guardian
  • Judy Murray: 'You just get the sense that he's not quite ready to quit yet'

    Andy Murray's mother opens up on the former world No 1's long-lasting pain, that opening round defeat in Melbourne and his options after retirement
  • ‘I just get the sense Andy’s not quite ready to quit yet’, says Judy Murray

    • No rush to make a decision, says Murray’s mum in Melbourne• ‘Whatever he decides I’ll be right behind him’, she adds Andy Murray’s mother, Judy, thinks he could play tennis again, although she believes he is still agonising over further hip surgery that would ease his pain while almost certainly ending his career. Murray, who has won three majors, two Olympic gold medals, a Davis Cup, a knighthood and been voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year an unprecedented three times, says he will make...

    the Guardian
  • WaPo: Furloughed Workers Should Just Quit

    Strike. The post WaPo: Federal Workers Should Just Quit appeared first on RedState.