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  • The America That Was

    Authored by Richard Ebeling via The Future of Freedom Foundation, We live in a time when an understanding and an appreciation of what a free society can or should be like is being slowly lost. Or so it seems, often, to a friend of human liberty. Political interventionism and a revived interest in “democratic socialism” dominate public discourse in almost every corner of life. Calls are constantly being made for government to do more. Remaining areas of personal life are to be invaded by...

    Zero Hedge
  • Joe Biden Defends Use of 'Make America America Again' Slogan

    "You know, there were two, a number of famous people who uh, there was a guy, named Langston Hughes, a poet who said, 'Let America be America again,'" Biden said at the beginning of his remarks in Mount Pleasant, Iowa on Tuesday.

  • "Biden Rips Off Avenatti with 'Let's Make America America Again' Slogan"

    The headline I quote in this post's title is from Fox News; here's more from the body of the article: The Trump campaign on Tuesday mocked Biden over his use of the phrase. Both Trump and Biden are in Iowa Tuesday holding dueling political events. "No word yet on whether Biden will start borrowing 'Basta!' as well," Trump campaign deputy communications director Matt Wolking said Tuesday, referring to the hashtag Avenatti often used on Twitter. Fox News has requested comment from the Biden...
  • The Best and Worst NFL Decisions Made Since the 2019 NFL Draft Ended

    The 2019 NFL draft is more than a month in the past. The bulk of free agency is long over, and we're in the middle of OTA and minicamp season—where players largely practice in T-shirts and shorts

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