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  • Students at Ole Miss vote to remove Confederate statue from center of campus

    In a unanimous vote, the University of Mississippi student government passed a resolution to move a statue honoring Confederate soldiers from the middle of campus. The resolution was passed 47-0 on Tuesday night, and is now being circulated among administrators. The United Daughters of the Confederacy donated the statue to the school in 1906, and the resolution calls for it to be moved to a cemetery on campus, where Confederate soldiers are buried. Over the last several months, several Ole Miss...

  • Ole Miss students vote to remove Confederate statue from campus center

    "I think the university and this community need to hear from students that this is not something we stand for, not something we want to glorify," one student said.

    NBC News
  • Macron’s plea for Europe lays down battle lines for May vote

    PARIS (AP) - French President Emmanuel Macron's plea to voters in 28 nations to choose a stronger European Union has gained support from outside his borders - and a good deal of skepticism from within. In a column published for Tuesday's editions throughout the bloc, Macron advised voters in the

    The Washington Times