Hate crimes are as American as apple pie

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the Guardian—The US has a long history of hate crimes, but has seen a rise in recent years. The victims of these crimes should have a voice Do the names Elijah Coverdale, Kathy Finley or Tywanza Sanders sound familiar? Probably not. And yet you are almost certain to know the names of the men who killed them. Elijah Coverdale and Kathy Finley were two of the 168 people killed in the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, still the most deadly case of domestic terrorism in US history, whereas Tywanza Sanders was among...

Letters: Stealing Baby Jesus...a hate crime?. The prank of stealing the statue of the Baby Jesus from Nativity scenes all over the country has gone beyond mischievous or cute. In as much as the focus is on churches and community groups and depicts a clearly religious theme, when will this be regarded under federal laws as a hate crime?John Baudhuin, Palm Beach GardensXDemocrats flippositions on SyriaIt's absurd to watch how oblivious the public is to political brainwashing. The Democrats are now [