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  • Is the United States Still “Free”?

    Paul R. Pillar Security, Africa All Americans ought to be concerned about this trend. Freedom House recently released its latest annual report on the state of political rights and civil liberties around the world. The picture is mixed as always, with many reasons for pessimism along with some glimmers of hope. The number of countries whose performance worsened in 2018 was greater than the number that improved, although the differential between backsliders and improvers was less than in 2017. A...

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  • United States vs. Brazil

    Follow live coverage of the United States vs Brazil 2019 Women's International Friendly, SheBelieves Cup football match.
  • Tree swallows expose state of our climate

    For many of us, birds are an interesting distraction or a sign of spring. For Fran Bonier and her former master's student Amelia Cox, bird populations provide vital data about the health of the world. Their new research adds to growing evidence that the climate is changing – and not for the better.
  • The United City-States Of America, Mapped

    Authored by Nolan Gray via, From ancient Greece to Renaissance Italy to the Four Asian Tigers, city-states have always punched above their weight. They’ve driven culture forward, facilitated global commerce, and charged ahead of their nation-bound peers. Indeed, cities  - and the metropolitan regions that orbit around them  -  make sense as a political and economic unit. The key services we depend on government to do, from building infrastructure to ensuring public safety, are...

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