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  • The new “I” word Trump may be afraid of

    First it was investigations, then impeachment, but the new “I” word President Trump may be concerned about is “imprisonment”. MSNBC’s David Gura and a panel of guests discuss.
  • Again, again! Why the new Teletubbies movie may not be all it seems

    Once, children’s films had original concepts and plots – but the latest spin-offs use stitched-together versions of old TV episodes. But is it only the adults who feel cheated? Teletubbies Songtime at the Cinema is released today, and the film promises to be the perfect culmination of every major cinematic theme of 2019 so far. Like Aladdin, it features an inanimate object come spectacularly to life (Noo Noo). Like Us, it features creepy doppelgangers of the main cast (the Tiddlytubbies). Like...

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  • Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, explained

    On June 18, Facebook announced the debut of its digital currency Libra. Here’s some background on how the initiative works.