All hell breaks loose on Fox News when host bucks Trump and says Dems are not killing migrant kids at the border

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Raw Story—Three Fox & Friends hosts on Sunday disagreed about who is not killing migrant children at the border: the Trump administration or Democrats. “You talk about a tragedy,” Fox News host Pete Hegseth opined. “There was the tragic death of two migrant children, which no one wants, everyone’s willing to talk about, obviously they were in bad shape when they went into custody but you still do everything you can.” According to Hegseth, President Donald

Dem steamrolls Fox News host as she tries to defend Trump’s border wall. Rhode Island Democratic congressman David Cicilline on Friday made mincemeat of Fox News host Julie Banderas, after she tried to defend President Donald Trump’s border wall. “This notion that Democrats don’t support border security is a silly claim. We just think it should be done in a smart, cost-effective way using new technologies,” Cicilline said, and added that the president’s shutdown was a stunt. “He wants to distract from the other very bad things that