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  • Will an end to social media trust mean an end to end-to-end encryption?

    If you've lost the Germans on privacy, you've lost Europe, and maybe the world. That's the lesson that emerges from my conversation with David Kris and Paul Rosenzweig about the latest declaration that the German interior minister wants to force messaging apps to decrypt chats. This comes at the same time that industry and civil society groups are claiming that GCHQ's "ghost proposal" for breaking end-to-end encryption should be rejected. The paper, signed by all the social media giants, says...
  • It's Not Women's Football—It's Football

    Women's football is just football. Stars of the 2019 Women's World Cup talk about the women's game, difficulties they have faced in their career and what they hope to achieve at this summer's tournament

    Bleacher Report
  • Kyler Murray ahead of Cardinals veterans with the playbook

    Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray is impressing with his knowledge of the playbook as the Cardinals kick off their mandatory minicamp

    ABC News