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  • The Ohio State University wants to trademark ‘The’

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Buckeye fans know it isn’t just Ohio State, it is THE Ohio State University. Now the university has filed a request to trademark the word “the.” The application was filed on August 8th. On the application, the university says it is for a brand of clothing. According to Josh Gerben of trademark law firm Gerben Law Firm, Ohio State submitted designs for hats and shirts with ‘the’ as a sort of logo. The Ohio State University has [

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  • Ohio State applies to trademark the word ‘The’

    Ohio State University wants to trademark the word “The” when used as part of the school’s name on university merchandise. | John Minchillo/AP OSU’s official name is “The Ohio State University,” and the trademark would apply to merchandise promoting the school. Ohio State University is attempting to trademark the most common word in the English language, and it’s already been used twice in this article: The. The school filed a trademark with the United State Patent and Trademark Office last...

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  • Ohio State University files for a trademark on "THE"

    "The Ohio State University" is apparently the full name of Ohio State, and to remind everyone of it, they're selling a line of clothing emblazoned with the stark word "THE," and so they've asked the US Patent and Trademark Office to give them the exclusive right to sell t-shirts, baseball hats and hats with the word "THE" on them. This is stupidly generic and unlikely to survive a challenge or even examination. Doesn't THE university have a law-school that could prevent this kind of public...

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