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  • Fake news generating AIs could be the best weapons to fight fake news

    An AI that writes convincing fake news articles is more accurate than other algorithms at differentiating fake from real news

    New Scientist
  • 2016: Fake News… 2020: Fake Polls?

    NBC’s Heidi Przybyla, MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann, NYT’s Peter Baker and former White House aide Elise Jordan on Trump calling new polling “fake” after it reveals he is trailing Joe Biden in several states
  • Trump attacks ‘fake news’ Fox News poll after it shows him losing

    Another poll has come out that shows the president losing reelection, but once again he’s killing the messenger over the message. “[email protected] Polls are always bad for me. They were against Crooked Hillary also. Something weird going on at Fox. Our polls show us leading in all 17 Swing States. For the record, I didn’t [

  • 'Fishwrap' fake news campaign recycles old news of terror attacks

    Analytics firm finds network of over 200 accounts sharing ‘news’ of old incidents An online misinformation campaign has been turning old news stories into fresh fake news, according to the threat analytics firm Recorded Future. While the identity of those running the campaign is unknown, the group has been dubbed “Fishwrap” by Recorded Future’s chief technology officer Staffan Truvé “since it uses old news for new purposes”. Continue reading

    the Guardian