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  • Facebook users help man get back lost wedding rings

    Since his wife's death from colon cancer in 2016, Patrick Waddell of Harrisburg, North Carolina, has always carried their wedding rings with him. He wore hers on his pinky, but when it kept getting caught on things, he had a jeweler intertwine the two -- together forever -- and wore them on a chain around his neck. While on vacation last week, the precious rings were lost -- but the kindness of strangers saved the day. Waddell, 43, and his two children went to visit his in-laws in North Myrtle...

  • The Funny Story of a Wedding Ring That Was Flown at Mach 3 on an SR-71 Blackbird

    Dario Leone History, Americas Why not? She said, “I would love to have my ring flown at Mach 3.” The following story appears in Col. Richard H. Graham’s book Flying the SR-71 Blackbird. At a Wife’s Insistence Sometimes visitors would ask if we would take a personal trinket of theirs on a Mach 3 flight. Some of the items I’ve taken up with me are coins, dollar bills, American flags, unit patches, and pilot wings. Once at Det 1, a husband and wife were watching Don and me suit up for a mission....

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  • Heidi Klum Proudly Shows Off Wedding Ring During Romantic Honeymoon With Tom Kaulitz

    Heidi Klum couldn’t help but grin while flaunting her sparkly wedding ring during her honeymoon with husband Tom Kaulitz. Her ring is almost as gorgeous as she is!

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