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  • Latest Fox News poll has bad news for President Trump, good news for Democrats

    Although early polling for the 2016 presidential contest proved futile, another early 2020 election poll has bad news for President Donald Trump. The Fox News survey, released Sunday, revealed that Trump stands at a 10-point deficit behind former Vice President Joe Biden, the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. Among the 1,001 registered voters who responded for the poll, 49 percent said they support Biden while just 39 percent said they support Trump. ...

  • Can You Reverse Sun Damage? Dermatologists Have Good And Bad News

    There are plenty of skin care products on the market that claim to reverse sun damage. We had to find out if they can.
  • Good News, We Guess: InfoWars Will No Longer Use Pepe the Frog

    Alex Jones's website agreed to pay Pepe's creator $15,000 to resolve the copyright lawsuit, but the website still considers it to be a win on their part.
  • Trump's Claim That Mexico Will Buy More American Agricultural Goods Is Fake News

    First things first: President Donald Trump's decision to back away from his threats to impose tariffs on goods imported from Mexico is a unambiguous victory for the American economy, for the hundreds of thousands of people whose jobs are part of that international supply chain, and for continued good relations between two deeply interconnected countries. Trump did the right thing, even if "the right thing" in this instance was simply backing down from doing the wrong thing. But in typical Trump...