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  • Lol, this was a strike

    HOOOOOMYGOD look at this alleged “ball” lmaoooo. The Blue Jays hosted the Yankees on Tuesday night, and the highlight of the entire game was a pitch that simply went from Masahiro Tanaka’s hand to Gary Sanchez’s glove. It was this called ball, which was clearly a strike: Angel Hernandez is just awful. Awful!— Max Wildstein (@MaxWildstein) June 5, 2019 That pitch was right down the middle of the plate. In fairness to home plate umpire Angel Hernandez, you could...
  • Politically Exploiting Islamophobia

    Community tensions are likely to worsen as long as Muslim community leaders and elected officials whitewash Islamist anti-Semitism, treat Muslims solely as victims, and demonize those who point out the problems of Muslim extremism.
  • Russia is not alone in exploiting Africa

    Tracey Lindner says the scramble for Africa islargelyabout securing resources that are crucial for military and civilian digital technology. Terry McGinn shines a spotlight on the US Foreign involvement in Africa is far from unique to Russia (Leaked documents reveal Russia’s efforts to exert influence in Africa, 12 June). The new scramble for Africa involves more powers than the first round over a century ago. This time it’s in part about securing resources such as oil, gas and rare earth metals...

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