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  • Sports media: Sports Illustrated sells its rights, not its soul

    Magazine’s sale to non-media entity won’t affect its journalistic standards. I don’t see many movies, so I’m about to date myself. Remember “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts from 1997? Hey, that’s only 22 years ago – half my life ago Anyway, Roberts’ character, government lawyer Alice Sutton, notices that Gibson’s character, paranoid conspiracy theorist Jerry Fletcher, has a dozen copies of “Catcher in the Rye” on a shelf. Jerry admits to owning more that he stores elsewhere...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Sports media: White Sox are on the rise, and so are their ratings on NBC Sports Chicago

    The South Siders are up 41 percent from last season, and their streaming numbers are up a lot more. It’s a great time to be a White Sox fan. Yes, Cubs fans, such a time does exist. The Sox are at a place in their rebuild where their games finally are more compelling than confounding. They’re giving their fans reasons to watch that are more tangible than the hope that accompanies each prospect. Sox fans see the future, and they like what they see. In fact, the Sox’ ratings on NBC Sports Chicago...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Sports media: The new NBC Sports Chicago says its calling card will be access

    Starting in October, the home of the Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox will have a different feel to it. The Cubs’ Marquee Sports Network will launch in February, but before then, another local regional sports network will debut. The new NBC Sports Chicago. It’s not moving in your channel lineup, and it might look just the same. But starting in October, the home of the Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox will have a different feel to it. “It’s not the same old, same old minus one,” said Brooks Boyer,...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • The Must-Have Fonts for Graphic Designers and Font Lovers

    Whether you love to use fun and interesting fonts in your work or simply in everyday use, this must-have list of everything from serifs to scripts and more should be right up your alley. Thanks to the ever-growing foundry of Envato Market and Envato Elements, you'll find fantastic fonts below to suit all of your design needs!SerifSerifs are wonderful fonts for all of your classy, professional needs. They work fantastically for corporate branding, print media, and an assortment of other font...

    Design & Illustration Envato Tuts+
  • What It's Really Like To Do Social Media For A Major Food Brand

    It's tough out there for a food brand. And by "out there," we mean on social media, where the digital managers behind household names like Taco Bell and Pop Tarts must promote their brand, engage with millions of followers, and do it all in a tone that feels natural for the platform. On Instagram, that means visually striking and aspirational; on Twitter, it's funny, often self-deprecating, and occasionally so over-the-top as to become newsworthy. Remember in May when a social media manager for...

  • Witness the Decline of LaCroix, a Terrible Beverage That No One Liked

    LaCroix, the very, very, very lightly flavored fizzy beverage that once threatened to divide the nation, has fallen on hard times. Its sales are in “free fall,” according to a note from a Guggenheim beverage analyst, CNN reports on Thursday. I would say this is sad news to someone, but apparently no one is buying this shit anymore, so maybe not.

  • Small media company to run Sports Illustrated for new owner

    The company that recently bought Sports Illustrated has found someone to run it: a small media company called Maven

    ABC News