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  • US ambassador Woody Johnson on US food: ''If the British people like it, they can buy it'

    US ambassador Woody Johnson says British people could make their own choice to buy American food in any post-Brexit US trade deal.
  • Murder suspect prematurely released from jail

    The Broward Sheriff's Office is trying to get a man back into custody after a mix-up led to a premature release from jail. Eric Vail had been in jail since January after being charged with the October shooting death of Wadarius Harris of Miami. Vail was indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder in April after originally being arrested on a second-degree murder charge. On Thursday, Vail's original case of the second-degree charge was closed since it involved the same matter as the April...

  • US gives Turkey ultimatum on Russian missiles

    Turkey has until the end of July to decide between US jet fighters and Russian anti-aircraft missiles.

    BBC News