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  • Who's ashamed of Donald Trump? How about Donald Trump.

    Could we interest you in a nice pre-built suite at 725 5th Avenue? It has a Starbucks on the Mezzanine level, floor to ceiling windows, and excellent light. The largest suites even come with a nice view of Central Park. However, as David Farenthold at the Washington Post points out, what’s missing from the description of this fabulous residential space is

    Daily Kos
  • Donald Trump: 'I Was Never a Fan of John McCain and I Never Will Be'

    President Donald Trump continued criticizing the late Senator John McCain on Tuesday, as reporters questioned him at the White House.

  • Donald Trump slams Paul Ryan for never being tough enough

    President Trump slammed ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan for not being aggressive enough in going after his perceived enemies — and said Democrats “played a tougher game” than Republicans even though all of the really tough people back him. “Paul Ryan wouldn’t give the right to have any subpoenas,” Trump told Breitbart News, charging that two

    New York Post
  • Donald Trump on Nancy Pelosi’s anti-impeachment comments: ‘I never did anything wrong’

    President Trump said Wednesday he appreciated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments against impeachment, but he added: "I never did anything wrong." Mrs. Pelosi said in an interview with The Washington Post magazine Monday that she was "not for impeachment" and that it would be too "divisive" for the country. "I

    The Washington Times