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  • Trump blames 'Fake News' for videotaping Trump calling Apple's Tim Cook 'Tim Apple'

    In a meeting with top business executives last week, Donald Trump breezily referred to Apple chief executive Tim Cook as "Tim Apple." It was moderately amusing, Cook changed his Twitter handle to Tim (Apple), and we all had a fifteen-second laugh before moving on with our lives. But Donald Trump cannot admit error, ever, which is the reason to this day members of the White House continue to insist that "covfefe" is a real word with a meaning that will someday be discovered by historians, and...
  • Trump Administration Encouraging States to Make Controversial Changes to Medicaid

    Yuval RosenbergMarch 20, 2019The Trump administration is encouraging red states to make controversial conservative changes to Medicaid without

    The Fiscal Times
  • Here's a look at every single Apple store in the United States (AAPL)

    We've compiled a list of every Apple store in the United States. Jump to your favorite state via the table of contents, or scroll down to see every state in alphabetical order. To understand Apple's retail footprint, it really helps to see it for yourself. Below, we've collected the photos and locations of every single Apple store in the United States. Apple currently has 271 US stores in operation: Notably, nine states (and Washington D.C.) only have one Apple store, and six states have no...

    Business Insider
  • Ted Koppel: Post, NYT have ‘decided...Trump is bad for the United States'

    Former ABC News icon is nostalgic for the old days of 'objective' media.