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  • 'Dragon Ball Project Z' is now 'Kakarot,' arriving early 2020

    If you've been jonesing for a Dragon Ball Z game that wasn't a straight-up 2D fighter, you're in luck. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (formerly Dragon Ball Project Z) is coming to the Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2020. There aren't many details availabl
  • 5G iPhones To Arrive In 2020

    Notorious Apple product predictor Ming-Chi Kuo has just released his latest report, which details the 2020 iPhone lineup. Here's what we can allegedly expect. More
  • The Depressing State of the 2020 Presidential Race

    So many people want to be president. Unfortunately, many have terrible ideas. Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.) wants companies to prove they pay men and women equally. "Penalties if they don't!" she says. But there are lots of reasons, other than sexism, why companies pay some men more than women. Harris also wants government to "hold social media platforms accountable for the hate infiltrating their platforms." But "holding them accountable" means censorship. If politicians get to censor media,...
  • The ‘Wife Guys’ of the 2020 presidential race

    Five candidates cited their wives as “personal heroes.” What does that mean?