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  • The Corn Is as High as Donald Trump’s Tie

    Sleepy Joe versus insomniac Don.
  • The Trump family visit to the UK is getting meme'd to hell

    Every move Donald Trump and his family make on their London trip is getting meme'd. Trump puts on a strange looking tuxedo? Memes. The prodigal daughter Ivanka and her thumb of a husband Jared gaze out a window? Memes. The rest of the Trump boys put on tuxedos? A bunch of memes. They pose for family photos? You guessed it — M to the E to the M-E-S. The Trump family attended the State Banquet on Monday, met with Theresa May on Tuesday, and will then head to Portsmouth on Wednesday, so more memes...

  • Donald Trump, again, falsely says Obama had family separation policy

    President Donald Trump, in an interview with the Spanish-language TV network Telemundo, adamantly claimed that the separation of immigrant families at the border during his presidency happened because of an Obama policy. That’s not true. José Díaz-Balart, anchor of