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  • Sarah Sanders’ replacement ‘won’t last one day’ if they won’t lie for Trump like she did: CNN host

    During a panel discussion on White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders’ plan to depart her job working for President Donald Trump, CNN host Kate Bolduan scoffed at the idea that the president will employ anyone who doesn’t lie like he does. Speaking with CNN media analyst Brian Stelter, Bolduan asked about Sanders contentious tenure and her [

  • The War Crimes Trump Can’t Pardon

    Rebecca Gordon The president is considering pardons for military members accused of war crimes, but the officials responsible for our disastrous wars already have free passes. The post The War Crimes Trump Can’t Pardon appeared first on The Nation.

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  • Trump Says He Doesn't 'Particularly' Believe In UFOs And Come On, Would He Lie About Something?

    Donald Trump mumbled his way through a response to a softball question on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in an interview with Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos in a clip released on Saturday. Trump told Stephanopoulos that he had attended a “very brief meeting” on the matter, but that he is not in fact all that much of a believer. More