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  • 6 NFL players on the verge of their best season yet

    Free agency and shrewd draft moves have surrounded these six veterans with more talent than ever. This offseason, several NFL players found new homes that could lead to major improvements in their games. Odell Beckham Jr. moved from Eli Manning’s aging passing game to Baker Mayfield’s deep ball extravaganza in Cleveland. Trey Flowers left New England’s rotation-heavy defense to reunite with his former defensive coordinator in Detroit. Nick Foles will get the opportunity to make 16 starts behind...
  • Glaring NFL Roster Holes That Could Affect 2019 Season

    No NFL roster is perfect. Every team has an area on the depth chart that it wishes were deeper or a position that lacks starting-caliber talent and/or experience

    Bleacher Report
  • Mistrial declared on remaining counts against ex-NFL player

    Jury that convicted ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. of raping 58-year-old homeless woman ordered to return after deadlocking on 8 other charges, including 2 more counts of rape involving 54-year-old hitchhiker, unconscious teen.