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  • 'I want women and girls to feel safe in every part of the city in every part of the day': New Chicago Foundation for Women CEO brings police experience to role

    To borrow a lyric from a certain Broadway musical, Felicia Davis is in the room where it happens. A lot. For 10 years she served as a Chicago police officer, including a stint as a detective in the violent crimes division. She helped create the office of public engagement under then-Mayor Rahm
  • The Battle for Europe, Part 1

    Nationalist movements are taking root across the Continent. In a five-part series, we ask: Can the European Union survive?
  • "Europe Will Not Be Europe"

    Authored by Guy Milliere via The Gatestone Institute, In the United Kingdom, the Brexit Party victory at 31.6% of the vote was a remarkable achievement that showed the persistent willingness of millions of Britons to leave the European Union. The "populist" positions -- the defense of national sovereignty and European civilization, refusal of uncontrolled immigration and diktats of Brussels technocrats -- have gained ground. The parties that have ruled Europe for decades obtained weak...

    Zero Hedge
  • Survey shows crisis of confidence in vaccines in parts of Europe

    Just half of people in eastern Europe think vaccines are safe, compared with 79% worldwide A global survey of attitudes towards science has revealed the scale of the crisis of confidence in vaccines in Europe, showing that only 59% of people in western Europe and 50% in the east think vaccines are safe, compared with 79% worldwide. Around the globe, 84% of people acknowledge that vaccines are effective and 92% say their child has received a vaccine. But in spite of good healthcare and education...

    the Guardian
  • Part 5: Can Liberal Democracy Survive in Europe?

    In the final chapter of our series, we find that many who are rejecting the political system and values that underpin the European Union feel the system is rejecting them.
  • Oppo to bring Reno Z and Reno F to Europe

    Last year Oppo released the RX17 Pro and RX17 Neo in Europe which were rebranded R17 Pro and R17 Neo phones due to legal issues with the naming. Now, the company is preparing to skip the confusion and patented Reno Z and Reno F with EUIPO, the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union. This means the midranger Oppo Reno Z is about to hit Europe, along with what appears to be a more affordable handset. The EUIPO listings of Reno Z and Reno F The Oppo Reno Z has the back panel of...
  • 'Wild,' 'woolly' and 'rare': Parts of Australia blanketed with snow

    In what forecasters called a "rare" event, Australia saw snow Monday in parts of its eastern coast that hadn't had significant snowfall in four years.