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  • Trump suggests ‘immigration reform’ would help end anti-immigrant mass gun murders like El Paso

    President Trump suggested Monday that tighter immigration laws could help prevent gun violence like the weekend mass murders that killed at least 30 people — even though the El Paso killer was apparently driven by the same motive to keep Latino “invaders” out. After asserting that the dead and
  • Anti-Trump Hollywood unwelcome in pro-Trump Louisiana, GOP says

    NEW ORLEANS — When Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards visited Hollywood in October, he was seeking money, not controversy. He got both. The state's Republican Party demanded Tuesday that Mr. Edwards apologize for allowing an anti-Trump Hollywood production to be made in Louisiana, saying it's proof the incumbent governor

    The Washington Times
  • Crazy anti-Trump protester claims he is 'Jesus Christ' and that Trump is a racist

    "Louder with Crowder" with host Steven Crowder recently took on the current media narrative that President Donald "Trump is a racist" in an installment of "Change My Mind." In this clip outside of the White House in Washington, D.C., a megaphone-toting anti-Trump supporter named Bruce (aka "Jesus Christ") began shouting obscenities and calling President Trump a racist for what the crowd chanted at one of his rallies. Watch the full episode here. Crowder asked Bruce what was chanted at Trump's...

  • Anti-Trump vets join Steyer group in pressing Democrats to impeach Trump

    A national group of anti-Trump military veterans is joining forces with the organization founded by Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer in pressing Congress to accelerate efforts to oust the president.