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  • Fox News host praises Trump for live-tweeting Fox News, says the network is a "conduit to the American people"

    GREG GUTFELD: There's something about your point, okay. It shows you how twisted into a pretzel the anti-Trump faction and their media enablers have become. They absolutely hate what Donald Trump is doing without actually figuring out what he's doing. But now condemn him for not doing enough of it. Shouldn't they be happy he's not working?  JESSE WATTERS: You could say about Barack Obama, I like him on the golf course. He's not messing things up.  GUTFELD: About the unstructured time -- this...

    Media Matters for America
  • Ricardo Boechat: Brazil news anchor dies in helicopter crash

    Ricardo Boechat, one of Brazil's most famous journalists, was killed in the accident in São Paulo.

    BBC News
  • Inequality is so bad, even Fox News anchors decry capitalism

    In a recent monologue, Tucker Carlson sounded like Bernie Sanders. And he’s not the only one Last month, Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, delivered a bombshell 15-minute monologue in which he denounced market capitalism, Wall Street exploitation, private equity, payday loan outlets and America’s ruling class. In a follow-up interview, he even said he would consider voting for Elizabeth Warren. Related: Has Fox News finally soured on Donald Trump? Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Boy in New Zealand is lucky to be alive after crashing a stolen car and flipping it over

    Emergency services were called to the crash in Kenmure, Dunedin, yesterday. An 11-year-old-boy stole a Volkswagen hatch and crashed it into three parked cars.

    Mail Online